Lizzie Lockard, Ambassador and Special projects for ARTIVE explains some of the key Title and Provenance research take home points that arose out of the case studies that were explored in the Masterclass on buying and selling art held on 16th October 2018 at PwC UK.


Family Office Art Masterclass: Buying, Owning and Selling Fine Art – The pitfalls and solutions on 16th October 2018, 4pm to 6pm at PwC, 1 Embankment Place, London, WC2N 6RH.

 Our Team are proud to announce participation in an art due diligence masterclass being given to family offices, wealth advisers and fiduciaries alongside PwC’s Luxury Asset Advisory team at PwC   UK.

 The event will commence with two scintillating presentations given by Art Recovery expert Christopher Marinello on Stolen and Looted Objects and the impact of Title claims and by forensic expert Francis Eastaugh on Fakes, forgery and authentication.

 The presentations will be followed by two interactive panel discussions with ADDG and PwC specialists covering two different case scenarios, one where a family office principal is arranging the sale of fine art for their client and the other where a wealth advisor is looking to acquire a new art portfolio for a client new to the art market.

 The cases covered will comprise elements of actual situations that have taken place or that constitute typical pitfalls, including:

  • Title of ownership: restitution, liens, cultural heritage & national treasure
  • Provenance, attribution and authentication: misattribution, fakes & forgeries
  • Expert reports: connoisseurship, attribution, value, & condition
  • Import and export issues: obtaining licences including CITES – endangered species legislation
  • KYC: due diligence on parties, agents and fiduciary duties
  • When it goes wrong: Fraud, defamation, reputation management & litigation
  • Tax & Customs Issues: inheritance tax, offshore ownership structures, customs duties, VAT liability & bonded warehouses.

Overall the masterclass will digest the due diligence issues that are essential for advisers tasked with handling high value art for their clients.

 The event is followed by drinks and canapés and an interesting presentation on due diligence in wine investing and collecting given by Cult Wines who will be hosting a wine tasting session.

 For more information about the masterclass please do contact us.

On 13th June 2018, – forensic specialist Francis Eastaugh…

was delighted to present to Christie’s Education summer business course students about forensic examination of artworks, art authentication and due diligence.

The course aimed to raise awareness for budding art collectors and art professionals about the value and importance of effective due diligence in today’s art market.

The following topics were covered: the key areas of object related risk, what good due diligence looks like, how scientific investigations can impact understanding of pricing, case studies on detecting forgeries, protecting the value of good works and the challenges of condition for modern artworks.

“Science- Proof Forgery” – Dr Nick Eastaugh’s forthcoming talk on science advances to deal with fraud

AAR’s Dr Nicholas Eastaugh is due to give a talk on 26th June at 6.00pm at the Freemason’s Hall on the “Science-Proof Forgery”. This talk will look at how modern-day forgers are using technical methods to try to disguise their forgeries and make them science proof. Eastaugh will look at modern case examples where some forgers are using historically appropriate pigments, obscure historical materials and are incorporating ageing features that are difficult for forgers to replicate, all designed to trick scientists and experts.

Eastaugh will consider whether it is becoming harder to detect these highly sophisticated fakes, but also will look at the scientific strategies and methods that can be employed to stay ahead of the forgers.

The talk will be held in The Robing Room at Freemason’s Hall, 60 Great Queen Street, London on 25 June from 6-8pm.


26th April 2018 – LECTURE ART LOGISTICS DUE DILIGENCE: Case studies including the Luxury Yacht Environment:

Pandora Mather-Lees was delighted to conduct a morning’s seminar for Masters students on Sotheby’s Institute MA in Art Business, Artworld Logistics and Operations Unit.

This was the final lecture of the programme attended by 22 students who were taken through various aspects and pitfalls of logistics. The topic was centred around best practice in moving and caring for valuable paintings and design objects on Superyachts.

Pandora recently convened a symposium with the National Maritime Museum on the Protection of Art at Sea and many of the hazards were shared for the first time with the students who have to study the important aspects of logistics and how it underpins the art world.

Logistics is an area which is so critical to the art world, where participants get to see what is moving where, what is selling and to work with objects first hand. Few realise the importance of certain issues such as being alert to confidentiality, constant changes in cross-border regulation, potential theft and consignment fraud, plus the need to provide continuity in aspects of condition so as to avoid liability. This facet of art trading and its hazards from attempting to move objects bearing endangered species – materials such as ivory, crocodile and rosewood – to seizures of masterpieces from superyachts worth millions. Many of the problems can be avoided through training and education; simply making those with the burden of handling the objects, aware of what can go wrong.


Jessica Franses was delighted to provide a training seminar for the Art, Law and Business Masters’ students at Christie’s Education on due diligence, risks and legal obligations.

The course was designed to go through the three key stages of due diligence, to show the different types of potential legal disputes that can arise following missed steps within the due diligence process, to highlight the red flags that can arise and the legal duties and obligations that an art professional should be aware of at each stage.

EVENT: Training symposium for Art at Sea: Protection of Art and Superyachts to be held on 2nd May 2018 at the National Maritime Museum.

In January 2018 Pandora Mather-Lees (ADDG’s art consultant) launched a training symposium for Art at Sea: Protection of Art and Superyachts.

The symposium involves various experts across the industry on the practical care of art, from conservation, design and logistics to legal and insurance issues. It will now take place on 2nd May 2018 at the National Maritime Museum.


23rd November 201736 Art and the ADDG held an Expert Panel Discussion on risks and solutions for managing high value art for private clients.

The training involved a consideration of two case studies that probed various common risks associated with high value art. Expert participants from the ADDG included Francis Eastaugh of Art Analysis and Research, Daniel Taylor of Taylor Hampton solicitors on defamation and reputation issues and 36 Art’s Simon Harding and James Petts on art law, wills and probate and property law issues. Several different experts in Tax, Insurance, Valuations, Shipping, Customs, Art Conservation and Auction practice contributed to the panel discussion.

5th September 2017 – The ADDG held their first Round Table Discussion on Security and Logistics.

The Roundtable was attended by leading service providers across the arts sector who assist art collector and art dealer clients with logistics and security issues.

Our event was led by our ADDG security expert at Virtus Risk Management, Frank Morey and Ian Hall, chaired by Malcolm Taylor (our arts mediation specialist) and organised by Jessica Franses of Vitruvian Arts Consultancy Ltd and Pandora Mather-Lees of PML art consulting Ltd. 36 Art of The 36 Group hosted the event.

We have published our first market intelligence report on security and logistics. To read more about this and see an excerpt, please go to our Reports section on our Publications and Resources page.

Forthcoming events will be announced shortly.

Watch this space for more details.