UK Supreme Court case victory for Taylor Hampton Solicitors

Bruno Lachaux v Independent Print Limited and Evening Standard Limited.

A founding member of the ADDG Taylor Hampton solicitors, specialist reputation management and privacy firm successfully represented their client in the Supreme Court in June 2019.

In a landmark judgment on the Defamation Act 2013 the Supreme Court dismissed the appeals of the Independent and the Evening Standard in libel proceedings brought against them by Bruno Lachaux, whereby they sought to argue that the articles they had published had not caused serious harm to his reputation.

The Supreme Court has ruled that section 1 of the Defamation Act 2013 requires that serious harm to reputation be determined by reference to the actual facts about its impact, and not merely by reference to the meaning of the words.

Greater clarity has now been given to the legal meaning and tests to be applied in defamation cases, which may have a significant bearing for cases brought by private individuals against newspaper companies.

On the case Daniel Taylor has said:

“Going forward, as well as considering the inherently injurious nature of the publication, it will also be important to consider to whom the statement was communicated and the impact of that communication, and that is equally applicable to both individuals and corporations…”

To read more about the case see here:

Bruno Lachaux v Independent Print Limited and Evening Standard Limited – Supreme Court press release


Art Dealer’s heirs decry “ransom demand” for Degas stolen by Nazis

Since 2016, Art Recovery International (ARI) had been on the hunt for ‘Portrait of Gabrielle Diot’, a pastel created by Edgar Degas in 1890. The pastel was stolen by Nazis in France in 1940 from the renowned art dealer Paul Rosenberg (patron to Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso).

ARI undertook research into the circumstances of the initial looting, its ownership history since 1940 and concentrated on the owner of a gallery in Hamburg.

The artwork was sold to a Swiss collector by a German art dealer in the 1974 who has since made attempts to sell the artwork to other collectors through intermediaries in various European and American cities between 2003-2007.

The trail had gone cold until recently, when the case took on an extraordinary turn of events. To read more about this see here:

Theft Alert: 8 Stolen artworks from private residence in UK.

ARI have been hired to locate 8 stolen artworks from a private residence in Leicestershire on 26th March 2019 and 17th April 2019. The artworks include works by Gilbert & George, Howard Hodgkin, Sir Peter Blake, William Turnbull and Peter Phillips.
To read more about their details and descriptions see here:


Mediawatch interviews by our ADDG members on news channels:



Chris Marinello (Art Recovery specialist) hit the red carpet in Milan for a screening of the documentary film about Hitler’s attack on “degenerate art”, including Picasso. Chris features in the film.


Chris Marinello (Art Recovery specialist) will appear in a forthcoming series on the recreation of seven great paintings by Vermeer, Monet, Van Gogh, Franz Marc, Klimt, Lempicka and Sutherland that were either lost, stolen or destroyed in the 20th Century. The programme follows a team from Factum Arte as they work to recreate each painting.

CLICK HERE for more details and broadcast dates.

25th August 2017 – Francis Eastaugh ( our ADDG specialist in Forensics at Art Analysis and Research) was interviewed by Sky News Tonight.

Watch the video-click to see the discussion on the prevalence of forgeries in the art market, following the Jackson Pollock fakes scandal. Investigated by the International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR).


Jackson Pollock Fraud investigated by the International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR) see Artnet’s article here by Eileen Kinsella dated 24th August 2017.


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Pandora Mather-Lees interviewed by the BBC on the market need for art due diligence.

Podcastlisten to podcasts involving our ADDG members:

Listen to Frances Oglesby’s (Global Operations Manager of Artive) interview by ArtTactic’s David Green on Artive’s unique database for checking various potential title issues, their state of the art technology and the advantages a non-profit status.
In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Ariane Moser, COO of Artive, and Frank Morey, CEO of Virtus Risk Management,  speak about the Art Due Diligence Group, a new due diligence service in which they both belong, designed for the art trade.

CasesRead about the art cases our ADDG members and their respective companies have been involved in:


Italian Cultural Ministry revokes export licence for an important painting

Christopher Marinello has been instructed to help resolve a potential dispute concerning the revoking of an export licence previously granted by the Italian Cultural Ministry. The case concerns a rare portrait by Gerard, sold by a leading Gallery to a US Museum. To read more see here: 


Christopher Marinello (art recovery specialist) has been hired to hunt for James Bond’s iconic 1964 Aston Martin DB5. It was stolen in 1997 from the hangar at Boca Raton Airport in Florida and has not resurfaced yet. 007’s Aston was in the movie Goldfinger. 



AA&R’s forensic team have recently worked in collaboration with the Museum Ludwig. The project has been generously supported by the Russian Avant-Garde Research Project (RARP) and the Foundation Ludwig.

The Team have completed analysis on a group of paintings by famous Russian artists Natalia Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov in the Museum Ludwig collection.

Through this collaborative project, the forensic team have helped the Museum to build up knowledge and research about these artists and also developed a new approach for research and study on the artists.


Photo of Dr Jilleen Nadolny, (Principal Investigator AA&R, London) at the Museum Ludwig Collection
The importance of forensic study and analysis working in conjunction with other sources of expert input, on archival, provenance and art historical knowledge is marked and was noted by Dr. Konstantin Akinsha, Chair of Trustees at RARP who said as follows,

“Goncharova and Larionov are hugely important figures in the Russian avant-garde movement. By setting new standards for interdisciplinary research – establishing a dialogue on how archival material, art historical research and art technology can be used as

integrated tools – we hope to set an example of research standards, what is possible to achieve with them and thereby to stimulate an international dialogue in the community of museums, scholars and collectors involved with this school of painting. To have the cooperation of Art Analysis & Research and the Museum Ludwig brings a great range of expertise to this endeavour”.



Three of our team work together as Christopher Marinello (art recovery specialist), Daniel Taylor of Taylor Hampton Solicitors (litigation specialist) and James Petts (36 Art and Commercial barrister) headed to the High Court in a dispute concerning a high value sculpture by one of the most famous female living artists. To read about the case see the Bloomberg article here:


Art Analysis & Research provides scientific investigation in collaboration with the Josef Albers catalogue raisonné project

The Art Analysis & Research (AA&R) team has recently worked alongside the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, to analyse ten works attributed to Josef Albers. Their findings provide a greater understanding of what makes an Albers artwork unique and will be included in the forthcoming catalogue raisonné.

Through scientific research, the Foundation have been able to gain a greater understanding of what makes an Albers artwork, such as Josef Albers’s unique painting surfaces and much more.

AA&R’s Principal Investigator in New York Nica Gutman Rieppi explained at the Foundation’s “Body of Work” symposium recently held in New York how fruitful this collaboration has been and that it is an honour to be part of the Foundation’s legacy of education.

Nicholas Fox Weber, executive director of the Foundation said,

“Even after 41 years of studying, researching, and caring for Josef Albers’ paintings, the foundation is always ready to learn something new. And through this collaboration with AA&R, we truly have. Their scientific expertise is superlative, their knowledge of historical materials is peerless. They’ve enabled us to look far beyond what our eyes can see, and to understand more about what makes an Albers an Albers, from the molecular composition of his pigments to the unique character of his paintings’ surfaces. The research findings are an enormous boon to the catalogue raisonné, and a vital tool to help us combat forgeries.


Nica Gutman Rieppi, AA&R’s Principal Investigator in New York, views works by Josef Albers at the TEFAF New York Spring Art Fair.


Two newly rediscovered paintings by Rembrandt that were examined by AA&R will now appear together at the Rembrandt House Museum Exhibition called “Special Guests” that is on until 2nd September 2018.

The two newly rediscovered paintings are “The Portrait of Petronella Buys” and the “Man with a Sword.”

Both paintings were painted by Rembrandt and a member of his workshop.

These works have not been shown together in public for decades. The works have been brought together as they were recently acquired by collectors Thomas S Kaplan and Daphne Recanati Kaplan as part of their Leiden Collection.

Following further research on these paintings and forensic investigation by the AA&R team, these works are now on display at the Rembrandt House Museum Exhibition called “Special Guests” that is on until 2nd September 2018.

Through various imaging techniques, some very interesting discoveries were made about both works.

Man with a Sword was long thought to be a work by Rembrandt but scholars dismissed this attribution in 1970. Through recent research it has been discovered that Rembrandt not only originally conceived of the portrait but he painted it too. The work had undergone a dramatic change when it was subsequently overpainted by one of his pupils in his workshop and this obscured its authorship.

Through scientific analysis, the Master’s hand can clearly be seen in the man’s untouched face, thus enabling a re-attribution to Rembrandt.

The Portrait of Petronella Buys is a discovery piece where the artwork’s whereabouts had been unknown for decades. This works’ attribution was doubted in 1989, however, through new research, the painting has been reattributed to Rembrandt.

It features looser and hastier brushstrokes, which may suggest that Rembrandt was working on a tight deadline. The Museum has noted that Rembrandt was given a short window to finish the painting before Petronella left for Batavia on 2 May 1635.

The findings in this new research on both paintings have not only allowed for a greater understanding of the artist and appreciation of his artworks, but also demonstrate clearly the use of scientific analysis to assist in the process of revaluating attribution.


Chris Marinello (of Art Recovery International Ltd.) has been hired to locate a missing painting called “Le Fort Carré`a Antibes” by Nicolas de Staël.

Painted in 1955 it is an oil on canvas, 23.5 x 34.6 cm. The painting was created in Antibes, France in 1955 just before the artist’s death. The work was discovered missing on 12 April 2018 from a private collection in London.


AA&R is currently examining a number of paintings attributed to Jackson Pollock in their London and New York laboratories. AA&R has a unique ability to test works by this artist. Several years ago, the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, permitted the team to take samples from 17 commercial paint cans, brushes, dipsticks and turkey basters that Pollock used and that are preserved in his studio. The scientists identified the pigments and binding media, which now provide a baseline standard for comparison.


Over the years, Art Analysis & Research has verified the provenance of several paintings from the collection of King Charles I, like those that are currently on display in the magnificent exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in the UK.

To read more about how AA&R is able to do this with advanced imaging see the pdf in the box to the right.

For a link to the RA Exhibition click below.

January 2018 – Christopher Marinello (ADDG’s specialist in Art Recovery and Restitution matters) is interviewed by Apollo Magazine on the Gurlitt Nazi-looted art hoard. Discover Chris’s involvement in recovering artworks for his clients arising out of this extraordinary case.


17 November 2017– Nica Rieppi of Art Analysis and Research was interviewed by TIME Magazine – following the sale of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi.

AA&R’s specialist Nica Rieppi conducted forensic work on the artwork over a 4 year period. In the article Nica Rieppi describes specific forensic techniques used to help authentic, what is now recorded as the world’s most expensive painting. (Art Analysis and Research is the ADDG’s forensic science group member).


25th July 2017 – Stolen Ceremonial Sword recovered from London Auction House

Read how our ADDG specialist for art recovery – Christopher Marinello (of Art Recovery International LLC.) successfully recovered The Mark Provincial Sword of Kent, a special ceremonial sword that belongs to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Kent, from an Auction House in London.


June 2017 – Art Recovery assists in recovery of a valuable stolen painting from owners in Northern Ireland.


Articlessee interviews of our ADDG specialists in the press:

(Photo of Ariane Moser, courtesy of The Art Partners)
Ariane Moser, COO of ARTIVE (title checking database and provenance specialists)  interviewed by Holistic Auction (art publication for the Russian art market) on due diligence in art auctions.

Fake and stolen artworks beset many areas of the art market and Ariane explains what buyers should look out for and what basic due diligence steps can be taken to seek to minimise the risks. 

READ The Interview Here

20 February 2018 – Pandora Mather-Lees (ADDG’s art consultant) was interviewed by Superyacht News regarding the forthcoming Art at Sea symposium. Discover Pandora’s training programme for crew to understand the issue of looking after art. For more information about the Symposium please see our Education and Training page.


17th February 2018 – Pandora Mather-Lees (ADDG’s art consultant) organiser and speaker at the Art at Sea Symposium and her event is mentioned in the Antiques Trade Gazette.


February 2018 – Christopher Marinello (ADDG’s specialist in Art Recovery and Restitution matters) is interviewed by the Washington Post in relation to the Louvre’s decision to display Nazi looted art to find their rightful owners. “This is the type of thing that should have been done in the late 1990s”


April 2017- Christopher Marinello comments on art recovery and the theft of £57 million worth of Chinese jade artefacts from the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge.


Articles – see our published content by ADDG members in Fine Arts magazines:

8th November 2017 – Pandora Mather-Lees (ADDG’s art consultant) attended Deloitte’s Art & Finance Conference in Milan 2017 and has reviewed the conference in the Winter Issue 2017 of Art and Museum Magazine at pages 5-7. In this issue Pandora sets out the ambit of the panel discussions and notes the core findings arising out of the 5th Art and Finance Report. Due-diligence, transparency, fakes and forgeries were among the key market concerns identified. (This Magazine follows the PDF 59 page Winter issue of Family Office Magazine. Scroll down 36 pages to the Art and Museum Magazine.)


September 2017 – Our ADDG members attended the Art Business Conference in London. 

Read our Pandora Mather-Lees review in Family Office Elite’s – Art and Museum Magazine at pages 24-28.


May 2017 – Three of our ADDG members attended the London Business School’s Art Investment Conference

– Read our Pandora Mather-Lees (ADDG’s administrative and art business services adviser) article on the panel discussions on a range of different art investment issues in the Summer Issue of Family Office Elite’s – Art and Museum Magazine at pages 8-9 of the Magazine.


See our article ‘How risky is the business of buying Fine Art’ in Art and Museum Magazine, Spring Issue 2017.


8th February 2019 – Pandora Mather-Lees was interviewed in the Times 2

– “How Billionaires protect their art from seagulls” by Lucy Holden
Read More Here The Times February 2019

4th February 2019

– Pandora Mather-Lees’s training on art on superyachts features in an article on Artnet “What worries Today’s Billionaires? Protecting Priceless Art From Flying Champagne Corks on Their Superyachts”, article by Henri Neuendorf See article here –


Artive Fundraising Initiatives, Summer 2019 (ongoing)

As a nonprofit organization Artive exists to protect cultural property, imagining a world free of illicit threats against our world’s art and cultural heritage. Our mission is to help protect the world’s cultural heritage – looted and illicitly transferred, stolen, missing, and otherwise claimed – by recording and indexing data for posterity and preservation through the use of technology. This mission is more than “about us”, this is everyone’s story as well and we believe that our cultural heritage can only be protected if we unite our responsibilities and resources, raising awareness together.

Artive’s main and most ambitious project is to make our data universally accessible. Enabling and ensuring the accessibility of our data in a safe way is directly in line with one of our key motives: to provide opportunities to undertake efficient and affordable due diligence research while building a stronger awareness of its importance. The need for protection is urgent, and Artive depends on financial support to provide a publicly accessible feature to our database. By building this feature and with adequate funding, Artive will be able to:

  • Continue maintaining a platform that identifies and records high-risk ark, cultural objects, collections, and antiquities sites
  • Establish safe, ethical transparency by creating both an essential tool for due diligence research prior to any transaction, and a site to publicize objects currently active in a claim or incident
  • Provide our global audience with a resource of highly-diversified objects registered ina single, user-friendly setting

Our ambition is a simple one: we want to make the world a better and more connected place by bringing forth a change in the way art and cultural properties are traded, researched, and discussed. With financial support we will develop a more transparent and trusting community through our free open access due diligence platform. To support their campaign see here:

Daniel Taylor interviewed by Corporate Vision Magazine

Following on from Taylor Hampton’s award by Corporate Vision Magazine for Media Law firm of the Year 2019, Daniel Taylor was recently interviewed by Corporate Vision Magazine about the firm’s presence in the media sphere, membership of the Art Due Diligence Group and what makes the organisation a success. Daniel explained that fast reaction times are now required of a law firm given the advent of digital publications and social media where defamatory or unwelcome comments can be rapidly diffused. To read the interview see here:


We are proud to announce that ADDG’s litigation firm specialist Taylor Hampton solicitors have won accolades for their specialism in defamation and media law. Winning Lawyer International’s Legal 100’s “Best Defamation Lawyer of the Year” and the Global Awards “Media Lawyer of the Year 2018” awarded by Corporate Livewire.


Launch of the ADDG and associated articles in arts press:

The launch of our new service reported by Laura Chesters in The Antiques Trade Gazette on 22nd February 2017.


Click image to open in a light box or click the link below open in LinkedIn.


Jessica Franses was interviewed by Laura Chesters for The Antiques Trade Gazette regarding visiting TEFAF 2017 ( 4th March 2017).


Launch of Artive – not for profit art loss database checking service:

Art Recovery International (ARI) 

Art Recovery Group’s database goes non-profit.


Art Recovery International (ARI) announced today launch of Artive, a new non-profit organization formed with the aim of protecting and preserving the world’s cultural heritage through technological means.

READ about the launch of Artive – art database service .