Our Method

Through our unique system, we strive for a quick, efficient and smooth process for all pre-investigatory work prior to private or public sales.


Title checks and claim checks of an artwork (proving clear and absolute ownership of an artwork, that includes checking relevant databases, making relevant enquiries to consider whether there is a lien or other legal or beneficial interests in a work, including a consideration of national treasure laws and export and import requirements).


Comprehensive provenance research by experienced art historians and art consultants (tracing the artwork’s history back to the painter and first owners) and checks with catalogues raisonné and other authenticating bodies and art historical research concerning the exhibition history and other art historical records of the artworks.

Forensic analysis by leading scientists ( there are a variety of specific tests that can be conducted on an artwork from carbon 14, x-ray, infra red, pigment analysis, cross section reports, high resolution photography; its support materials (such as the frame, canvas and stretcher) and the provenance documentation.

Seeking other expert opinions concerning authenticity, attribution, condition and value.

  •  Know Your Client – commercial due diligence on the seller and buyer, which includes comprehensive reports on private individuals and corporate entities;
  • legal assistance with review of documentation and contractual assistance to ensure relevant agreements are in place, money laundering checks and handling funds through escrow; and
  •  Security measures to ensure safe viewing, purchase and delivery of artworks.

We have a safe-guarding art due diligence protocol to help clients navigate the potential hurdles that may arise and so our clients can enter into safe high value transactions satisfied that they took all reasonable steps to investigate their artwork, that they documented that process and that they are alerted to any risks.