The ADDG Unique Methodology

Through our carefully structured protocols based on years of experience, we strive for a quick, efficient and smooth process for all pre-investigatory work prior to private or public sales.

What does due diligence look like?

Title checks and claim checks of an artwork. This means proving clear and absolute ownership of an artwork. This includes checking relevant databases and making the right enquiries to consider whether there is a lien or other legal or beneficial interests in a work.  This is an important step including national treasure  laws, global regulations and other cross-border trading risks.

Provenance. We review and organise comprehensive provenance research by experienced art historians and art consultants. Provenance research involves tracing the artwork’s history back to the artist’s studio and its first owners. It can be a crucial process requiring checks with catalogues raisonné and other authenticating bodies. This involves art historical research concerning the exhibition history and other art historical records surrounding the object.

Forensic analysis by leading scientists.  There are a variety of specific tests that can be conducted on an artwork from carbon 14, x-ray, UV, infra-red, pigment analysis, cross section reports and high-resolution photography. Forensic analysis works alongside technical art history, a discipline looking at the origins and make up of objects and their elements, the study of an artist’s practice and materials.  Technical art historians then align this with art historical knowledge.

Seeking other expert opinions concerning authenticity, attribution, condition and value. Members of the group are familiar with working with the experts on key artists and will draw upon and consult individuals and foundations as the project dictates.

During the Sales Process

Sales can often be conducted in haste, under tense circumstances and across international jurisdictions.  When this happens, it is vital that we establish a relationship to assist you speedily understanding your circumstances and best interests. Once ready to go, we will conduct due diligence on the sales process which includes: