Our Services

  • title claim checks and registration;
  • provenance research;
  • authentication – assisting with seeking expert reports, such as art expert opinions from the relevant artists’ authenticating bodies and art historians in the relevant field;
  • all forensic testing and analysis for authentication; attribution, condition reporting;
  • condition reports from conservators and restorers;
  • seeking valuations;
  • background checks on potential buyers or sellers;
  • money laundering checks;
  • provisions of security for the artworks;
  • transport of artworks, associated security services, export documentation and meeting customs requirements;
  • insurance to cover transport, title, storage, financing, exhibition loans and consignment;
  • recovery of stolen artworks and associated security services;
  • all legal issues arising involving and arising out of a transaction, from legal contracts for private sales, facilitating a sales process, ADR and mediation solutions and litigation; and
  • reputation management, defamation and PR issues relating to either the artwork or parties involved in the transaction.

Whether you have already hired or have a preferred service provider for any of the due diligence steps, we can help you to complete the process and work with the professional help that you have already sought.

You can use any of the services within the group or we can provide a fully comprehensive service depending on what is required for your specific artwork/s.