Our Ethos

Our mission is to help the art trade, private clients and museums with a user-friendly and helpful system for examining their artworks and obtaining the necessary professional opinions that may need to be sought when dealing with a high value artwork or a collection of artworks.

We have found that this process can become very complicated and we aim to demystify the process and provide what is really needed depending on the specific artwork/s in question.

We have formulated a unique system that will assist with a quick, efficient and smooth process for all pre-investigatory work prior to private or public sales.

We have a safe-guarding Art due diligence protocol to help clients to navigate the hurdles when dealing with an artwork with any potentially problematic history or questions surrounding it.

Many art professionals will reject potential transactions if they believe that there is a red flag and miss out on opportunities. However, this may be prevented if the correct process and checks are conducted on verification of status.

The decision will always lie with the client as to what specific expert assistance that they may require and budgetary considerations will always be a factor. In some cases, a client may want a complete forensic approach and may choose to focus resources on certain specific services. Whatever the circumstances, we will provide the client with guidance on what the optimum position should look like and what basic due diligence would entail. This will always depend on the artwork, its material condition/structure, history and any reports and provenance material already in existence and the parties involved.

Our goal is to deliver quick results for our clients so that they can enter into safe high value transactions satisfied that they took all reasonable steps to investigate their artwork, that they documented that process and that they are alerted to any risks.

Discretion, professionalism, independence and integrity.

We pride ourselves on discretion, independence, transparency, legal expertise and a thoroughly professional approach to managing our clients’ interests.

All of our work is covered under non-compete and non-disclosure agreements and so our client-base can have complete confidence that we are providing that discreet, professional and independent service they require.

We pride ourselves on giving our clients the best advice we can give, raising awareness of potential risks and looking at cost effective ways of reducing those risks.

We are professionals providing professional services and believe in providing no-nonsense straight up advice to our clients. We tell our clients how it is as we believe in the integrity of our reputations, our client’s reputations and in the integrity of the art.