Our Ethos

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide buyers and sellers safely through art sales of high value. 

We work with private clients, the art trade and museums to offer a strong methodology for examining their artworks and obtaining the necessary professional opinions for managing a high value object or portfolio.

Our role is to demystify the process.  We will identify the gaps in knowledge on the piece and documentation, prepare the artwork for sale, then help you complete as rapidly as possible.

We have formulated a unique system that assists with a quick, efficient and smooth process for all pre-investigatory work prior to private or public sale.


When handling an important transaction of high value, you need to rely on discretion, independence, transparency and sound legal expertise.

Ensuring a thorough and professional approach to managing our clients’ interests, our work is covered under non-compete and non-disclosure agreements. Confidentiality is key in the art world and those we work with enjoy complete confidence that we are providing the discreet, professional and independent service they expect.


Our clients receive sound advice from some of the top art market professionals working collaboratively to help you understand the potential risks and cost-effective ways of reducing them.

Our clients may instruct us to carry out the full enhanced due diligence process from start to finish or may need help with just one aspect such as contractual terms for instance.  Whatever the circumstances, we advise on the optimum requirements for what sufficient due diligence will involve. Factors revolve around the artwork, its material condition and structure, historiography and any reports and provenance material already in existence. 


Many art professionals will reject potential transactions if they believe that there is a “red flag” and miss out on opportunities. However, this may be prevented if the correct process and checks are conducted on verification of status.

Our goal is to deliver timely results for our clients so that they can enter into safe high value transactions satisfied that they took all reasonable steps to investigate their artwork, that they documented that process and that they are alerted to any risks.

Due diligence in light of the Anti-Money Laundering Directive and relevant legislation will always be conducted on the parties involved.