Guiding you
Safely through High Value Sales

Pre and Post Transaction.

Welcome to the art due diligence group.

Buying and selling high value art in the current climate comes with risks. Due Diligence prior to the transaction is key.

The Art Due Diligence Group is a multi-disciplinary team of leading experts committed to assisting the entire sales process to manage risk effectively.

Sound due diligence means verification of the artwork, the process and the parties.

It involves effective provenance research, trusted connoisseurship, foolproof art forensics and full verification of the parties to the transaction.

In Post transaction, in the event of fraud or misdescription having the right experts is key.

Having worked together for many years,  the ADDG members offer a co-ordinated approach in relation to the following key aspects of a sale:


  • Legal title and claim checks
  • Art Historical research
  • Transactional legal services
  • Stolen art recovery services
  • Art Forensics
  • Independent art brokerage
  • Security & investigation services
  • Reputation Management
  • Other legal services
  • AML checks
  • National Treasure and cultural heritage laws



  • Mediation
  • Dispute Resolution & Litigation, Actions for Art Fraud
  • Training in care of the portfolio & collections management
  • Investigation of any stolen art issue
  • Reputation Management: Defamation
    Privacy & Internet Law

Our Services

Legal title & claim checks

Art Historical research

Dispute resolution, litigation
& actions for art fraud.

Stolen art recovery services

Art Forensics

Independent art brokerage

Security & Investigation services

Reputation Management and Privacy

Other Legal services

AML Checks


Training: Collections management, Art risk on yachts, Art appreciation, AML Regulations, GDPR.

Whether you have already hired or have a preferred service provider for any of the due diligence steps, we can help you to complete the process and work with your advisors to complete the steps from an independent and objective stance.

You can benefit from any of the services within the group or we can provide a fully comprehensive service depending on what is required for your specific artwork/s.


The Group

Active Inc (Database, title and Claim check specialists)

Art Recovery International LLC (Art recovery specialists)

Art Discovery (Forensics and art research specialists)

Malcolm Taylor Consultancy (Art Mediation Services)

Vitruvian Arts Ltd (Brokerage and Independent fine art consultants)

Virtus Risk Management (Security and Due Diligence specialists)

The 36 Group (A set of chambers with barristers specialising in art, property and commercial law)

Taylor Hampton Solicitors (Dispute resolution, litigation and reputation management specialists)

Pandora Art Services (Art management for superyachts and Art Education)

Areas Of Expertise

The Group was formed to enable full and proper Due Diligence in High Value Art Transactions.

Our Clients

We have good relationships with clients and art market players in the following areas

Private clients and art collectors 
Museums public and private
Estates and Trusts
Superyacht owners, captains & management
Art dealers 
Art Funds
Family offices: SFOs and MFOs

In the course of our business we also work closely with many other participants in the art market including the following:

Wealth managers, Bankers & Financiers
Insurance Underwriters, Adjusters & Brokers
Shipping & Logistics companies
Valuers and appraisers 
Artists’ estates and authenticating bodies
Subject specialist experts